The principal object of the Showmen's Guild has remained the same for over 100 years; to protect the interest of its members - travelling showmen who gain their livelihoods by attending fun fairs. It does this in two ways; by its code of Rules and through the constitutional process of the land. The Guild Rule book ensures that all members have equal status within the Guild, regardless of the scope of their operation as individual businessmen. The Rules, which are enforced by the Guild's own disciplinary tribunals, cover such matters as the orderly running of the fairs and the conduct of members, both on and off fairgrounds. There are 4000 active members of the Showmen's Guild representing 20,000 or more travelling families, whose lives - and those of their ancestors for several generations - have been devoted to entertaining the public. Not to be confused with gypsies, we are an individual community who put on in excess of 200 fairs weekly - from March to November - and many that are held in winter too, both here and abroad. The Showmen's Guild has a Central Office and ten Section Offices See map of UK Sections for more info. Each Section has a Committee who are responsible for carrying out the objects of the Guild within its area and dealing with matters of a local nature, which affects its members.
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